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Review: Supertanker – Songs From the Ashes

Supertanker - Songs From The AshesYou’d not think that Supertanker are from France when listening to them. Their sound is very much more along the lines of Crowbar, perhaps the heavier side of Pantera – thudding, heavy, groove-laden tones with dual vocal styles.

Their blurb describes them as stoner rock and sludge, which does come through very strongly on a couple of tracks, but on the majority they’re much heavier.

The band formed in 2007 and started work on this debut album in 2012. It wasn’t released until November this year, so I’d assume that Songs From the Ashes isn’t so much a snapshot of Supertanker as a period in its development. A such there is a good variety of tracks on the album.

Stoner rock is definitely the theme of the short “Eternity” which is as laid back a piece of music as you will ever hear. Considering this is backed against the far faster-paced and very Southern groove metal-esque “Meticulous Crime Against Ourselves” shows the difficulty anyone would have in genre-labelling this Parisian outfit.

Even the more skull-crushing numbers vary in style and pace. “Antihero” and “Black Age” pound and thrash whereas “Cold” is far slower, yet no less heavy.

Songs From The Ashes took a long time to put together, but it was worth all that time and effort. Well worth a listen to, and Supertanker are a band you should be hoping are touring soon.

Track list:

  1. Temple of Sin
  2. Below Ground
  3. Black Age
  4. Meticulous Crime Against Ourselves
  5. Eternity
  6. Cold
  7. In Fall We Trust
  8. Inside
  9. Far
  10. Used
  11. Antihero
  12. We’re Dying By Our Hands
  13. I Can’t Live A Second Life

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