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Review: HELLYEAH – Blood for Blood

Hellyeah - Blood for BloodA week before it comes out and you may have had a chance to listen to it courtesy of a stream on Metal Hammer recently. Still, it’s a big release from one of metal’s more popular “supergroups” – so is it super? Well, it ain’t half bad.

In honesty, the only one of the acts which make the band up with which I’m remotely familiar is Vinnie Paul‘s Pantera. It’s good to hear the drumming featuring quite prominently on the album and it plays an important part in the mix.

Overall, production is good as you’d expect. Vocals are clear, bass notes rumble through and the guitars are clean… and yet dirty. All good!

I’ve only had a chance for a couple of quick listens, but already there are some hooks and a there’s a good bit of variety in the songs. Most notable is the slower, more laid back (but not quite a ballad) “Hush” which would really suit an acoustic version. So they’ve done one and tagged it onto the end of the album.

If you’ve only heard the title track which did the rounds a couple of months ago, it’s representative of the album in general. It’s definitely one of the stronger tracks, but the others don’t disappoint.

The only time I saw these guys live was at Download a few years ago, and I think they only had the one album out then. They’re doing the festival circuit again this year and I’m sure they’ll be every bit as good live this time round as they work back then. And I’m sure they’ll do the new songs justice!

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