Friday, March 23, 2018
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Inferno Imminent – Competition Winning Bands Announced, Saturday Schedule Adjusted

Heads up, it’s less than two weeks before Inferno Festival kicks off – and don’t worry, we’ll be there on your behalf if you can’t make it. As things stand there are a few tickets left for the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The following from Inferno Central… We’ve now announced [...]

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Album Review: Sixth Extinction – X and Why?

Straight outta County Tipperary, Clonmel are Sixth Extinction, a five-piece crew formed in late 2013. Beginning their journey with the origins of death metal, they later found love for the groovier side of the genre. Now, Sixth Extinction release their debut record X and Why? produced by Tue Madsen at Antfarm [...]

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Wilko Johnson touring the UK in May

“I’m supposed to be dead!” So said Wilko in a recent interview, having been diagnosed in late 2012 with terminal pancreatic cancer. But despite the doctors’ worst predictions he continued to perform and present himself with vigour and a new zest for life. In 2013, Wilko announced that, thanks to [...]

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Interview: Jeffrey “Mantas” Dunn of Venom Inc.

Jeffrey Dunn, known more likely to the metal community as “Mantas”, is the picture of a rock star. Adorned in leather from head to toe and one foot on the table, it’s textbook cool and it’s almost intimidating. After serving his time in the legendary NWOBHM band Venom, and forging [...]

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Gig Review: Obituary / Exmortus / Ingested – ULU, London (10th March 2018)

As a keen new convert to the original Floridian death metal movement of the early 90s, seeing Obituary in the flesh in 2018, as a fellow obsessive tells me at the bar, is “an honour”. With Cause Of Death solidifying them as genre mainstays nearly 30 years ago, Obituary are in [...]

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Review: Pearl Jam – Can’t Deny Me

The wait for new material is over! As a huge fan I was very excited to get my ears wrapped round this new track and to discover news of a forthcoming album. The track was first released as a surprise early download to active members of the band’s fan club via Ten [...]

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