Monday, June 18, 2018
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Pulvis et Umbra – new album imminent

Chicago based label Pavement Entertainment (Soil, Tantric, The Charm The Fury, Hed.Pe., Smile Empty Soul, Future Leaders Of The World, amd more ) have signed italian death metal act Pulvis et Umbra for the worldwide distribution of band’s new album titled Implosion Of Pain which is scheduled to be released on October [...]

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100-Word Review: Witchfyre – Legends, Rites & Witchcraft

Infernö Records is proud to announce the release on CD & Cassette of the long awaited debut mini album by Spanish metallers Witchfyre! Release date was June 21th, 2014 (so I’m typically late – sorry!). The album includes 6 songs of pure old-school & traditional heavy metal to bang your head to. Comes with an [...]

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Band of the Day: Left in the Wake

Just a quickie today to point you in the direction of this post/melodic-hardcore band from Madrid by way of the UK. Left in the Wake describe themselves as “Five poor as fuck dudes writing music, spending all their time and money recording music, spending even more money on tour merch, publicity [...]

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100-Word Review: Entrails – Resurrected From The Grave (demo collection)

This re-release of original material (re-re-release, actually, if you managed to get one of the fifty copies that came out in 2009) dropped on July 18th/22nd depending on your territory. It’s a gap-filler following the release of Entrails’ last album, Raging Death, in 2013. With being a fairly new band, but [...]

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100-Word Review: Chiral – Abisso

Italian progressive black metal band Chiral released their debut EP on June 21st as a digital download. Plans are to release it on CD through Black Plague Records shortly. The EP is only €2, so if you like your black metal tinged with a bit of an experimental flavour then [...]

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100-Word review: F.A.C.E. – A New Light

Out since the end of May, A New Light is the debut album from F.A.C.E. Formed by Bulgarian guitarist Villy Neshev, the line-up is like a local “supergroup” of members of Bulgarian prog/tech bands. They first came together in 2010 and started recording the album last year. There are nine tracks [...]

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