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Ex-Megadeth Glen Drover joins Metal All Stars’ relief songs for Steve Grimmett

In an effort to cover rock icon Steve Grimmett’s medical costs, Glen Drover (formerly of Megadeth), has joined rank alongside some of metal’s most esteemed characters including Gary Holt, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Doro ‘Lips’ Pesch, Bobby Blitz, Blaze Bayley and Chuck Billy. A full list of participants can be seen below. The ragtag group will be re-recording three classic Grim Reaper songs which will be produced by Chris Tsangarides, famous for his work with Judas Priest and Anvil.

Grim Reaper

Having been hospitalized in Ecuador since mid-January; the singer was amidst a tour in support of Grim Reaper’s latest album, Walking In The Shadows.  Steve’s wife Millie Grimmett has been updating fans around the globe of the singer’s condition on the band’s facebook page. Grimmett has endured multiple operations that have resulted in the near complete loss of his right leg. On the latest update as of February 15th, Millie and Steve Grimmett are heading on a plane back home after spending more than a month in Ecuador waiting for a green light to travel by the doctors. This is where the Justice Team of Metal come into the picture.

Naturally a lot of people had a bit to say on this. First and foremost Steve’s wife Millie Grimmett updated The Metal Voice this morning (February 15th) on the latest developments:

After five operations, a month in hospital and a week recovering in a hotel, Steve and I are leaving Guayaquil, Ecuador, on Wednesday 15th February, arriving back in the UK on Thursday 16th. Steve will be going straight into hospital in the UK where he will start his rehabilitation. We want to thank all the people we have met and touched our hearts while being here, especially the nurses and doctors. Here’s to the next chapter in our new book of life. The show must go on!

Glen Drover, on his introduction to the group said:

I feel really good about helping in any way I can… I grew up with Grim Reaper, and Steve is an awesome singer!

Finally, Tony Dolan revealed the songs that the group were going to do on February the 4th via a live stream in Ecuador:

There were quite a few choices we could make but once I asked the artists, everyone wanted to do “See You In Hell” and “Fear No Evil” as they are classics. “The Show Must Go On” will also be included because that is what Steve is going to do and that is what he will be doing stronger than ever.

The movement, driven by Tony Dolan, Neil Turbin, Sy Keller (all listed below) and Jimmy Kay from The Metal Voice are not the only ones fighting for this cause. A JustCaring donation page with $14,500 already raised, is also in the trenches. If you’re feeling generous or grateful to Steve and co. for all the bangers they’ve put out over the course of their career then you can pop over to the donation page.

The full list of A-Grade metallers involved in the re-recording includes Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus), Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens (who fronted the 90’s incarnation of Judas Priest), Doro Pesch, ‘Lips’ (Anvil), Neil Turbin (Deathriders and a very early lineup of Anthrax), Tony Dolan (Venom Inc), Ross The Boss (Manowar), Jonas Hornqvist (Bleed the Hunger), Sy Keeler (Onslaught), Bobby Blitz (Overkill),  Marta Gabriel (Crystal Viper), Blaze Bayley (performed vocal duties in Iron Maiden’s mid 90’s lineup), Nick Bowcott (ex-Grim Reaper), John Gallagher (Raven), Mantas (also of Venom Inc), Joe Cangelosi (Whiplash, Kreator) Chuck Billy (the pipes behind Testament) and now Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth).

Just to reiterate from our last post on this, best wishes to Steve, Millie and their nearest and dearest. And once again, fuck the insurance company who didn’t pay out.

Grim Reaper: facebook

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