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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album News: Enslaved, The Sore Losers, Pain, Sonic Syndicate

Been a few days since we’ve had one of these so there may be some slightly older news in here. Still all good stuff though! :)


enslaved-the-sleeping-gods-thornNorwegian metallers Enslaved are set to release The Sleeping Gods – Thorn on November 11th. A full-length album comprised of rare material from 2010/2011, this unique collection of experimental material which also connects with their early roots is available as an album. The songs originally appeared on extremely limited EPs between the full-length albums Axioma Ethica Odini and Riitiir, and is recorded both in Solslottet Studio in Bergen, as well as the band member’s own studios and partly in the deep woods of Valevaag on the south-west coast of Norway. Like the songs itself, the production is a mix of old and new; high tech and no-tech – a mix of concepts that has been essential in achieving the signature sound Enslaved is famous for today. Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson from Enslaved co-produced the material together with long-time collaborator Iver Sandøy.

The Sore Losers

the-sore-losers-skydogsExplosive Belgian rockers The Sore Losers have announced the UK release of their new album Skydogs, which will be out November 4th through Ultra Elektric Records.Produced by Grammy Award winner Dave Cobb, Skydogs was released earlier in the year to huge critical acclaim in Benelux, and now gets a full international release. Recorded in only ten days in Vox Ton Studios in Berlin, Skydogs is The Sore Losers third full-length album, and comes bursting with energy, dirty riffs and rock‘n’roll vocals reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and early Black Sabbath, combined with the attitude of The Ramones. You can watch the video for the single ‘Cherry Cherry’, with its black and white aesthetic shadowing the raw guitars, bouncing beat and snarling lyrics below:


Pain - Coming HomePain, the Swedish metal force led by multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy,Lindemann), are ready to unleash the follow-up to 2011’s You Only Live Twice. After the substantial success of Peter’s Lindemann project with Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann, he retreated and took time to write another industrial metal album entitled Coming Home(review here). The release of this record is scheduled for September 9th via Nuclear Blast. In celebration of the new album, the band have released the second track-by-track trailer which can be viewed below:

Sonic Syndicate

sonic-syndicate-confessionsSonic Syndicate are finally back after a period of silence. This time the members of the band took a deeper look into themselves which has led to some changes of the sound. On the new album, Confessions, Sonic Syndicate lets the listener take part of their vulnerability through total uncompromising honesty in their songwriting and sound. Their new album Confessions will be released world wide October 14th via Despotz Records and followed up by a huge European tour together with Amaranthe and Smash Into Pieces called the Maximalism European Tour where Sonic Syndicate will show the fans again what an exceptional live band they are, as they’ve already done in Europe, North America and Asia several times before during their career.

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