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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album News: Acolyte, Akasava, An Endless Sporadic, Neurogenic

A bumper pile to get through here! I may have to add another post later. And they say rock and metal is dead. Well, they are very wrong indeed!


Melbourne based proggers Acolyte have announced a release date of August 5th for their debut album Shades of Black. The Evelyn in Melbourne will play host to a release party on the night, but panic not if you’re geographically challenged – the album will be available worldwide. It’s already available on pre-order via iTunes. Check out a sample below.

Akasava - Nothing at DawnAkasava

French occult rock band Akasava have announced their new album, Nothing at Dawn. Their debut effort will be released later this year through Nordavind Records. You can check out the artwork to the side (click for a larger version, it’s worth it), and the track listing below:

1 – Season Of The Poet
2 – The Devil’s Tide
3 – Assembly Of Fools
4 – Pyramid’s Eyes
5 – Zora The Traveller
6 – Solitude Of The Goat
7 – Astral Truth
8 – Nothing At Dawn

An Endless Sporadic

An Endless Sporadic - Magic MachineMore prog, this time from international prog rock powerhouse An Endless Sporadic, who will be releasing Magic Machine on September 16th. Magic Machine is a showcase for mind-bending musicianship and rich expressiveness via avante garde film-score soundscapes. An abstract journey through different styles of music and environments, the album offers a coruscating kaleidoscope of colours and joy, flashes of stylistic innovation featuring ensemble work that is staggeringly packed full of drama yet still meaningful from a compositional standpoint. This is an aurally challenging album with an experimentally wide sound palette, but as a whole is assuredly palatable, mesmerising and resides in a class paralleled by none.

Joining master multi instrumentalist Zach Kamins on this album is a stellar line-up of virtuoso musicians (we stopped counting at 30 instruments…all recorded live and including hand hammered Lasagne trays!) and special guests including Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment), Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings), Michael Iago Mellender (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) and Navene K (Animals as Leaders, Entheos) to name just a few! You can check out the funk cover art to the side.

Neurogenic - Ouroboric StagnationNeurogenic

Comatose Music and Neurogenic have teamed up to bring you what will certainly be one of the most devastating releases of 2016! The band’s debut, Ouroboric Stagnation, is a brutal overdose of scorching guttural death metal in the vein of Putridity and Disgorge (USA).

Ahead of the album’s September 2 release, the band has posted a YouTube stream of “Spirited Bloody Emisis” which you can soak yourselves in below.

Track Listing:
1. Absorption of Oblivion
2. Subdural Breeding
3. Immersion
4. Warden Domain
5. Endless Outrage
6. Vortex of Uncreation
7. Allotriophagical Obsession
8. Soul Entralled
9. Spirited Bloody Emesis
10. Ouroboric Stagnation
11. Eternal Path of Enslaved

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