Friday, June 22, 2018
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R.I.P. After the Burial’s Justin Lowe

Photo by Michael Mullenix. Source:

Photo by Michael Mullenix. Source:

Terrible news came through over the course of today regarding Justin Low, guitarist with After The Burial.

After details being released of his deteriorating mental state, he was reported missing recently. It’s with a heavy heart that we read that his body was found earlier today underneath a bridge. Injuries are apparently consistent with a fall from a great height and evidence points to Justin taking his own life.

Posts are appearing from several bands praising Justin’s achievements and their sadness at his passing, and the manner in which it happened.

We’ve lost several people in the entertainment world over recent months in manners relating to various mental issues, and I’d expect that many reading this will have suffered similar losses personally. Please don’t let Justin’s death be in vain. Let it highlight the seriousness of mental health issues, and how easy it can be for them to go unnoticed.

RIP Justin. Go show Dimebag and Hendrix how we’re doing it these days.

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