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Mongol Metal compilation out now

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Released on July 1, Mongol Metal is a compilation that features three Mongolian folk metal bands. Released by Mongol Metal, a heavy metal music organization based in Inner Mongolia, China, the album features four tracks each from Tengger cavalry, Ego Fall, and Nine Treasures. Stream Mongol Metal in its entirety on YouTube, Soundcloud, or Spotify.

Collectively, the bands featured on Mongol Metal will introduce listeners to a range of Mongolian musical elements, not the least of which include Morin Khuur, Throat Singing, and Yatga. Whether described as Mongol Metal, Mongolian Folk Metal, or Mongolian Nomadic Metal, Mongol Metal is a refreshing blast of creativity and passion that is destined to go down as one of 2015’s most coveted releases.

Mongol Metal can be purchased from Amazon or iTunes.

Track list:

  1. Wind The Horn [Ego Fall]
  2. War Horse [Tengger Cavalry]
  3. Tes River’s Hymn [Nine Treasures]
  4. Back To The East [Ego Fall]
  5. Expedition [Tengger Cavalry]
  6. Fable of Mangas [Nine Treasures]
  7. The Legend [Ego Fall]
  8. Horseman [Tengger Cavalry]
  9. Sonsii [Nine Treasures]
  10. Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor [Nine Treasures]
  11. Soul Judgement [Ego Fall]
  12. Legend On Horseback [Tengger Cavalry]

Mongol Metal: official

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