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Baktheria release details of debut album

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System Sickness is the debut album from Lisbon (Portugal) based band Baktheria. This new crossover adventure has Rui Vieira from former Band of the Day Machinergy as founding member. The album consists of thirteen tracks, running for a total of 27 minutes and was produced by Ricardo Bravo and José Pedro “Sarrufo” at Crossover studios, in Linda-a-Velha (Portugal). The artwork was made by André Coelho [Sektor 304].

About some aspects of the record, the singer and guitarrist Rui Vieira points out:

There was another title for the album and was to be that almost to the end but after rethinking its entire concept, no doubt that System Sickness is the title that best defines this work. Conceptually, portrays what is rotten and stinks, the dark side, revenge, betrayal, (mental) corruption, hatred, racism, well… the disease of the human being, the system disease. It is a no bullshit album, a collection of songs just like we play live. I think we catched the aggressiveness and dirt that we practice in our performances, I think that objective has been achieved. It is also a melting pot of influences, a crossover of bands that formed us in metal and punk over the years. It was also the most extreme album I recorded so far and yet at the level of “musical violence”, I’m still not satisfied.

The advance single is called “Reset Your Life (To Null)” and provides the following characteristics:

Rui Marujo [bassist] showed up one day with this idea in the studio and I instantly felt that would turn in a great song. It’s amid tempo song but with an extremely heavy and great feeling. Baktheria is a band essentially of fast songs but also have some more mid tempo songs, such as this one or “Blood”. The lyrics are an anti-racist manifesto and anti-discrimination, whatever it may be. It remains one of the system diseases that will never be resolved. About the record, in general, I think the connection between images (presented in theartwork), intros and music works well and the final result ends up making sense.

System Sickness is available in jewel case in a partnership between NBQRecords, distributor Non Nobis Productions (NNP), both Portuguese, and Your Poison Records (now based in Brazil), created by João Pedro, founder of the legendary Portuguese Slime Records, responsible for the singles “Dissolved In Absurd” of Thormenthor, in 1991, and “The Shades Behind” of Sacred Sin, in 1992. Rui reveals how these partnerships emerged:

Fernando Roberto [Metal Soldiers Records/NBQRecords] is already a friend of mine in Machinergy and, of course, I showed him the project and asked if he was interested in a new joint venture. Again, he was there to help me. As for the NNP and Your Poison Records, he handled everything. I just have to thank all his support, dedication and the way he is in this industry.

You can get the album via the three labels, (NBQRecords / Non Nobis Productions / Your Poison Records) or direct from the band for €8 plus postage.

Baktheria: facebook

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