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Chain of Dogs release new compilation

Chain of Dogs - Burning Bridges in a World of DeathNetherlandic Thrash / Folk metal sextet Chain of Dogs have teamed up once again with the German Metal label Witches Brew to release a compilation of some of their past works all on one CD. The compilation entitled “Burning Bridges In A World Of Death – De Ep’s en nog get mieë” was released on February 10th, 2014 and contains both of the bands EP’s “Bridgeburners” (2008) and “Deathworld” (2012) as well as their 2006 self titled Demo. A remixed version of the track ‘Doa is mie Land’, a previously unreleased track, 8 page booklet featuring full lyrics, classic band pics and more are also included in this great compilation! All songs have been remastered by Willem Timmer.

Chain of Dogs are currently hard at work on a new vinyl EP and their second full length CD. A release date is not known at this time.

I love their bio, though, so here it is:

If you ever wanted to find out what it would sound like if Slayer got into a fight with Flogging Molly on stage, after which they decide to patch things up with a bottle of vodka, you should listen to Chain of Dogs. Their energetic mix of folk, metal and punk is a guaranteed recipe for a party on and in front of the stage. Chain of Dogs are from the south of the Netherlands; they regularly play with internationally acclaimed bands like Heidevolk, Arkona and Skyforger and have been present at many festivals such as Black Troll Winterfest, Sodom Open Air and Occultfest. They toured with the Black Trolls Over Europe package and with bands like Suidakra and Waylander.

“So… I remember a sunny day in 2005. Three of us were sitting on the front porch of a little pizza place, enjoying our food and discussing our ideas of starting up a folk metal band. Something halfway between Flogging Molly and Finntroll, but with more thrash influences and a nice dose of Misfits. Or something like that. Somebody knew someone who played the violin, someone bought a banjo, we got together and started rehearsing. That’s how it started.”

Chain of Dogs released a full length, Gebroake, Gehange en Gewroake on Witches Brew Records in 2010, plus two EP’s. Witches Brew have also released a Chain of Dogs compilation CD called “Burning Bridges in a World of Death”, available from February 2014. This contains both EP’s and various demo- and unreleased material.

“We got on stage, started recording, drank a lot less than people might think (well, not always), people left the band, people joined the band, session drummers got misplaced, we played more gigs and bigger gigs, we toured, we met a lot of interesting people, saw some interesting backstage action, got annoyed with each other, made up again, played some more, recorded some more, drank some more diet cola, got paid, didn’t get paid, got shit from programmers, had great contact with some other programmers, made friends, got sick, got programmed with depressed suicidal pagan epic emo folkloristic metalcore r&b bands, had a lot of fun, had some problems, and then we quit.”

“The End.”

“Not really, though. Just like in the novels of Mr. Erikson, of whom I borrowed our band name, resurrection is sometimes an option. As I’m writing this we’re reforming Chain of Dogs with some old, and some new band members. By the time this CD is out we’re back on stage – a CD that is released by a resurrected Witches Brew.”

“On this one you’ll find our EP’s Deathworld and Bridgeburners and a selection of demo tracks from the very beginning, plus a couple of unreleased versions. Enjoy!”

“So maybe we’ll see you soon” (if you’re not reading this in the spring of 2832 in some weird archaeological find, that is.) – Howls, Olaf & the Dogs.

A new vinyl EP and a full-length CD are in the making. If you are curious and want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us or look us up on Youtube or Facebook.

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