Sunday, March 18, 2018
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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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YB – Korea’s biggest rock band heading West

YBJust a bit of a “keep your eyes open” post this one, as I can’t share the material I’ve been sent (yet!). But if you like your rock loud and dirty then YB may well appeal to you. They’re pretty much the biggest hard rock back in South Korea at the moment which may make you go “well…so?”. But SK has a population of around fifty million so it’s big enough to propel a band to Guns ‘n’ Roses (when they weren’t shit) status.

Actually, they’re managed by Doug Goldstein – who managed GnR for two decades. When they weren’t shit.

The band’s aim over 2014 is to try and break out of the Korean market and into Europe and the US. From the small sample I’ve heard they’ve got a good shout at this – and as soon as I have material I can share, I will do so. If you have a dig on YouTube, there are plenty of videos with Korean descriptions which mention YB but I don’t want to embed a video by the wrong band by mistake!

There’s a single, “Cigarette Girl”, coming out on February 18th and the video for this will follow on the 27th. More news as I get it!

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