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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Jacob and Fernando of Enslavement

Enslavement performed on the New Blood Stage on the Friday at Bloodstock and were received very well by the crowd that was there. On the Sunday at the festival, we had a quick chat with Jacob and Fernando of Enslavement about their performance and also about getting invited to play the New Blood Stage. Read on for the full interview…

You guys played on the New Blood Stage on Friday. How was your performance?

Jacob: It was an amazing experience to be honest. We play a niche genre man, so to play to a crowd of that size was incredible.

Fernando: We’re not used to crowds as big as that but it was good fun though.

What was the feeling like when you were asked to play?

J: We were kinda skeptical to be honest as we play such a niche genre of brutal death metal. To be invited to play was such an incredible feeling.

F: The other band that was with us in the heats, Blood Oath, played after us and they are awesome guys.

J: Yeah, they totally get what we are about and are lovely guys as well.

What are your plans for the next few months?

J: We’ve got two EPs under our belt and we’re very proud of what we’ve done so far. We’re going into the studio next week to start drum recording for the debut album which we’ve been working on for the past 2 years.

F: It’s a bit more melodic than previous stuff but it still contains the brutal stuff.

J: We’re all about the riffs man!

What bands have you enjoyed seeing?

F: Obituary absolutely killed it today and Amon Amarth were awesome.

J: Yeah, Obituary were awesome. It was teenage dream to see them and they truly delivered.

Describe the band in 3 words.

F&J: Brutal death metal.

Enslavement: facebook | bandcamp

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