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Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Daniel Moran of Reaper

(Transcription by James)

After their performance on the New Blood stage on the Saturday at Bloodstock, we had a quick chat with guitarist and vocalist Daniel from Reaper about any bands he was looking forward to seeing and what he thinks caused the festival to sell out this year. Read on for the full transcription…

Is this your first time at Bloodstock?

Yep. First time here and first time playing. It’s been great so far and everyone is super nice. Everyone in the media tent is really nice and our set went down super super well. Shoutout to the artist wristband person, she was awesome! All the security are lovely as well and we’ll be around for the whole weekend which is awesome.

Are there any bands you are looking forward to seeing?

I would have liked to have seen Havok but we were kinda busy during then. I’m hoping to catch Kreator, a bit of Ghost and the main one for me and the boys is Megadeth. I’ve seen them quite a few times and they always bring it every time.

What do you think has caused the festival to sell out this year?

Erm… I think it’s good PR and the team that’s behind the festival. Everyone works their asses off and it really shows. The lineup this year is incredible and so varied as well so there’s something for everyone. It was bound to happen at some point and with a lineup like this is it’s well deserved.

Is there anything you’d improve about the festival?

If anything, maybe some more shuttle busses for the artists so they shuttle gear. We had some issues with our transport so as a result it made it a bit more difficult than normal. Aside from that, there’s nothing I can think of. They’ve got the lineup and everything else to a tee.

What are the bands plans for the next few months?

For the rest of the year we’ve got a couple of gigs lined up with a special gig in our home venue with a Motörhead tribute band. We’re going to hopefully be releasing our new album some point next year so the priority is getting that done. After that we’re probably going to have a couple of gigs around that.

If you had to put together the bill for next year who would you pick?

I’m big into my prog and stuff so I’d have a few prog bands and also bands like Meshuggah, Devin Townsend, Akord from Scotland and a whole bunch of others. I’d really like to see Devin Townsend though, I think he’d smash it if he headlined or was special guest at the festival.

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