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Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Amie Chatterly and Gemma Lawless of Dakesis

(Transcription by James)

Dakesis were one of 3 bands that ‘headlined’ the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock this year and were determined to soldier on despite their bassist being heavily pregnant. On the Sunday at the festival, we caught up with a couple of the members for a chat about their performance and also their plans for the next few months. Read on for the full transcription…

You headlined the New Blood Stage yesterday. How was it?

It was incredible to be honest. It was really really good.

This is your second time at Bloodstock now.

Amie: Yep. We got asked to play an acoustic set on what is now the Jäger stage back in 2012 which was a one off special thing. We got asked to come and play this year as well which was awesome.

Gemma: It was a first time doing a full show at Bloodstock with the theatrics, costumes and everything.

Amie: It was very different this time as the previous time, it was a bit more intimate and people were singing along a lot.

Gemma: Everyone was in a singalong spirit last time whereas this time we had the whole production which was awesome to do.

This is the first year that Bloodstock has sold out. What makes you think it has sold out?

G: It’s the best festival.

A: I think it’s word of mouth as well. I’ve been coming since the indoor days and when it moved to the open air, I brought Gemma along. Since then, we’ve both been coming every year.

G: The lineup has changed a lot since those days as it’s way more varied these days.

A: Even if there’s no bands on that you’ll like, there’s still plenty of other things to do and you can chat with everyone as well.

You guys have been here a lot of times now. If there was anything you could change about it, what would you change?

A: We’ve been coming for many years and as a result we can’t really think of anything.

G: Bloodstock really cares about the people coming as well and they monitor the forums as well. The drop-off point got moved this year and as a result people were asking how they could bring their trolleys down the hill. Then one of the organisers came in and said they’d put a ramp in for people. You wouldn’t see something like that at Download or something.

After Bloodstock, what are your guys plans for the next year?

A: We’re having a two month or so break so that I can hopefully give birth during then. We’re working on new material as well with aims to release a new album at some point. We’re touring again in November [Poster at the top!] for a bit so we’re pretty busy to be honest.

What bands would you book if you were in charge?

A: Gojira and Nightwish. And they announced them so we are really happy.

G: A lot of european power metal as well. Bands like Sonata Arctica and Sabaton would be great to see.

Dakesis: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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