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Bloodstock 2017 Interview: Adam and Stuart of Sentience

(Transcription by James)

Prior to their performance on the New Blood Stage on the Sunday, we had a chat with a couple of members from Sentience about their upcoming performance and also any bands they were looking forward to seeing. Read on for the full transcription…

Sentience (c) Katie Frost

How does it feel to be at Bloodstock?

Adam: It’s an awesome feeling, man. We really didn’t think we’d win M2TM as we’re a really small niche of metal but we obviously did well enough for them to want us here.

Stuart: We have a little bit more melody to our sound, particularly in the vocals so we’re a bit different to the other ‘heavy bands’. We’re a mixture of all kinds of stuff which keeps things varied and enjoyable.

Have you guys been here all weekend?

Adam: We’ve been here all weekend and there’s been some awesome bands playing across this weekend. I’m hoping that we can catch Skindred as I want to be down the front for them.

Stuart: I really enjoyed Kreator and Hatebreed. They were awesome and delivered a cracking performance.

What do you reckon has caused Bloodstock to sell out?

Adam: I think it’s because there’s not as many festivals of this size anymore. Sonisphere used to be really popular and now that it’s not coming back, I think that’s led to people coming here.

What bands would you book if you were in charge?

Adam: Gojira and Meshuggah.

Stuart: Yeah, it’s sweet that they’ve booked Gojira for next year. That’s going to be awesome.

What are your plans for the next few months?

Adam: We’ve got a couple of shows coming up over the next few months and are primarily doing stuff in and around the London area. If you’re in the London area, come down and see us!

Header image by Will Tudor Photography

Sentience: facebook | bandcamp

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