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Interview: Glory Of The Supervenient

Italian experimental unit, Glory of the Supervenient, has literally just released their debut self-titled album, an instrumental record that has a lot to offer. Drummer, composer and founder of the band Andrea Bruzzone was very kind to let us know about this project that recently transformed to a band.

What made you go for the name Glory of the Supervenient?

That name comes from a philosophical concept from the work of the great philosopher Emanuele Severino. I choose it first of all because it sounds good to me and also for the meaning of that concept, but it might take to many lines here to explain it so I’ll tell you a little sentence just to make you curious. Everything that you see and feel it’s an eternal sequence of eternal beings and you are the eternal circle in which all this is happening. See you in next episode. [laughs]

glory-of-the-supervenient-album-artHow do you usually describe your music?

I describe my music as a free encounter of my main influences, you know, all the things that really touched me during my life. I tried to let them flow in one single concept. So the difficult part was not to do like copy and paste but to go through all this sounds, sensations, colors, emotions to arrive into an original single entity, something that gives you the sense of unity even if you can clearly feel all the different elements that are part of it.

What is your writing process like?

When I started to write the album I was like in an explosion of ideas and creativity, so I had the urgency to write down all those things coming to my mind. I composed all tracks with a computer program making a sort of pre-productions. Then I recorded live the drums in studio and Angelo “Otus Dei” Girardello recorded the bass part in studio, actually the big distorted sound you hear in the album is not a guitar but a 5-string distorted bass. And in the end I’ve been in the studio for long time making the sound of all instruments with the help of Mauro Scarfia at his Rosewood Basement Productions.

What is your favourite piece on the Glory of the Supervenient album?

Oh hard question, everyone! No, ok if I have to pick one then I’ll say it’s “Identities.” In that piece you can hear the same melody all over the song but always on different contexts. So harmony, rhythm, sounds are evolving during the piece but the melody over them returns always equal to itself, even if it looks like it sounds different when the context is changing.

What makes Glory of the Supervenient different?

Hmm, I can say it’s different simply because each one of us is different from the other, it’s unique. Making art means being creative, and in order to be creative you have to process tons of information, ideas, influences that are filtered by you. The unique you, so the result must be unique and different.

What should music lovers expect from the abum?

What I can say to music lovers is that obviously someone will like this stuff and someone not, but I really tried to do something with the only purpose to make fresh, new music. Even the fact that there are no words tells that I was focused only on sensations, colors, emotions. And in my opinion sometimes, not always, words bring you again here in the real world, and I see music as a way out of the world, away from practical shit of everyday life.

What kind of emotions would you like your audience to feel when they listen to your music?

I think it’s very personal and also difficult to explain with words, but if a lot of people are constantly making music, I mean real music, not “money” disguised as music, it’s because there are some very strong emotions there, something with a great power, something that we need in our life. So that is what in my ability I’m trying to do. Communicating with emotions.

Which do you like most, life in the studio or on tour?

Oh for sure I prefer playing live, and I’m really looking forward to start touring with Glory Of The Supervenient in 2017, so guys stay tuned via our pages and social media for all the news!

Pick your three favourite albums that you would take on a desert island with you.

Oh that’s very hard, there are tons! Ok let’s say this:

1. Meshuggah – Catch Thirtythree

2. Tool – Lateralus

3. Dutch Uncles – Oh, shudder

Thank you very much guys!

Glory of the Supervenient: Facebook | Website

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