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Wildfire 2016 Interview: Lets Play God

Lets Play God

Lets Play God

The last of our band interviews recorded at the festival, this little effort ran to over an hour. Thankfully, a lot of it was just having a right old natter about metal in general with a nice bunch of guys – so in the interests of actually getting it online before we all get wrinkly and die, I’ve edited it down to the juicy stuff! As ever, responses below reflect those that the band as a whole gave.

I will be perfectly honest – along with many bands on Horrorfly I know next to nothing about Lets Play God.

That’s fine. We know nothing about you either!

So… tell us about yourselves.

We’re Glasgow based so it was a short journey here. So only time for two beers on the way. Four for the driver. In November, the band will be eleven years old but most of the members present have been here for 2, 3, 5 years.

Revisited was our first release, Twisted was an EP and then in 2014 we released Never Died. We’d like to think about recording something else later this year, but we just got back from Amsterdam to about forty gig offers. So maybe a Christmas release.

Were you on holiday in Amsterdam?

Nope – playing. The whole rock ‘n’ roll story. Jumped in a van, took a risk and just went. Just the one date. It was a big risk as well as it’s a festival season and everywhere shuts down and nobody does much. The venue themselves said they didn’t know if it would be busy or not.

But we took the chance and *pow* it was phenomenal. We were wary when we first arrived, it looked empty, but it completely turned around. A friend of our is Polish and he says we should play there – if it’s heavy, they’ll turn up and watch. In Amsterdam we were sat having a beer before we went on and there were about three people in there. But within seconds of starting out set the place just filled. They were coming out of cracks in the walls!

They were diving over each other, taking selfies, taking shots… First time out of the country playing, but we’re definitely hoping not the last. We met a couple of bands playing the night before and we have some contacts over there now, which could help.

The week after Amsterdam we played with a band from Texas called Whiskeydick and they invited us back over there. They’re such a good band – we love them. If we can pay to get over, they said they’d put us up and take care of us. The flights are expensive, but they’re not much more than we spent on Amsterdam – and we’d have a lot longer to prepare for it.

We’ve done the UK and Scotland to death. Done Amsterdam, doing Texas… Mars next!

What kind of music do you play?

We’re heavy. Like nineties Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Rob Zombie. We’re a mix of death metal, glam rock, sleaze, thrash, metal fans and that comes through.

Do you have anything written for this potential new recording?

Yes, we were going to wait until it was a full album but we’re thinking more about doing an EP as it’s been such a long time since our last release. But… now we’ve got more songs to pick from. If we wait a little longer we should have more to pick from and manage a whole album. We’re quick at recording. We can do a four-track album in two days without sacrificing quality.

The last one, we recorded in fifteen hours over a matter of weeks in our rehearsal space. Then one of our mates came over with his gear and did all the editing and so on in the flat. Every penny is a prisoner! Having said that, the last recordings we’ve done pretty quickly – just thinking about the songs and then getting it done. This is the first one we’ve come close to planning and I just can’t stop thinking about this one. We’re always just thinking of new ideas for songs.

What are you thinking of Wildfire so far?

Loving it. A Joker’s Rage were brilliant last night! They did a metal cover of Tupac’s “California” – just incredible! They didn’t even have a setlist. I wanted it, but the guy said “we don’t have one… we just play!”

Over the eleven years of the band, what’s the most bonkers thing you’ve seen or done at a gig?

That guy doing the worm on the floor at the Amsterdam gig.

Aberdeen… that’s always mental. The human pyramid. That was the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen at a gig. Oh, or Aberdeen again. We were loading everything into the van after the gig to get to wherever we were staying and [one of the band] was outside arguing with this guy outside. We didn’t know what was going on, but got him to leave. A few minutes later and we saw him up the road, chasing after a fox. He dived under a fence trying to catch it. What the hell did I just see?!

Rather than telling us your influences, tell us of a band we may not have heard of that we should be listening to.

Mason Hill. We played with them a few years back and this [Wildfire] is the first time we’ve seen them since. My favourite thing of the weekend, hands down. Brilliant.

Die No More are cool, too. Everyone on the Horrorfly stage. Acid Trial, God Damn Brewery, Dog Tired, Of One Blood…

Is there any advice you’d give you a band starting out?

Any band that’s going to make it has to be able to cut it live. If you can’t play live, don’t bother. You need to be good on stage to get people’s attention and build a fan base. If you just show up and play like you’re just playing the album, then you might as well not bother. You should be selling your stuff on stage. You can download the music for free – you can’t download that live experience.

As a little addendum, it seems the guys like a bevy or two. Here are a couple of their stories.

A friend of mine got black-out drunk. He probably needed his stomach pumped, but one of my mates said we should get him to drink salt water. “Would that help?” “No, but it’d be awfy funny.”

There was the other story about the guy – Polish of course – who got so drunk he died at his own birthday party. He was taken to hospital and put in the morgue… then woke up and went back to the party! Fuck Motley Crue, that is rock and roll.

One of my mates is Polish. He starts the night with shots just to get warmed up. Those kind of nights finish three days later when you wake up on a boat to China.

Lets Play God: facebook | soundcloud | reverbnation | bigcartel

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