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Focus on Slam Dunk: ROAM interview

ROAM backboneSlam Dunk is about to begin a three-date run, being an unusual thing in the UK – a travelling festival. We’ll be there, but we’ve also been able to snag a few interviews with the bands playing there in the run-up. Here’s the first of the bunch, Eastbourne pop-punkers ROAM:

ROAM is one of the “youngest” bands we’re talking to this year, being only a few years old. You’re also one of the few UK-based acts! What do you feel is going to be different being part of a festival package as opposed to a smaller tour?

Festivals are always fun to be a apart of. It’s a good time to listen to some new music and see something different. It’s a privilege to a apart of this festival.

What are ROAM bringing to the party? What can we expect from your live show for these UK dates? Or indeed for the Warped ones (congratulations on that!)?

We have a few surprises in store for these shows, along with the usual energetic pop punk show. We will be playing a few new songs along with that too.

Your debut album, Backbone, came out in January. What can you tell us about it? Have you been able to shift a few copies at gigs to converted fans?

Ever since we released ‘Backbone’, people have been loving it. Especially on the Simple Plan Europe tour. Which is really cool to see, and hopefully it continues to as we venture out to the States to do Warped Tour.

You have really busy few months coming up, but do you have any plans already for writing for a follow-up album or EP?

Although it has been busy with tours and everything, we have actually started writing things for our next release which we are really pumped for. For us ‘Backbone’ was good but wasn’t perfect. We are now determined to put out a perfect record.

As I type these questions, you’re on the road with Simple Plan and you’ve also had a few dates with some band called SUM-41. Have you learned anything from these guys?

When touring with these iconic bands you pick up so many tips. These bands show how to get the crowd involved so well. It’s very inspiring watching it every night.

Hard to read and terrible news to pass on that you’ve been robbed twice this year. Crimes against bands seem to be terribly commonplace these days, sadly. You’re troopers and not giving up, though. How can fans help you out?

Well we actually got robbed 3 times but we didn’t announce the last one as it was already hard to believe it twice. The third time was the worst one aswell. It affected us a lot, morale was super low but with the love and support from our fans we kept going. Things are looking up a lot now, and we are feeling really positive about it.

If you met a band at the position now that you were in around three or so years ago, what advice would you give them?

Don’t procrastinate, don’t want to be it. BE IT. Put everything into it and work hard for it, perfect everything. Connect with people. Most importantly don’t be rude to anyone, don’t lie about things. It never gets you anywhere and people find out and won’t want to work with you. Be yourself and be honest. Don’t lie to try impress people, people are more impressed with honesty.

You’re playing Leeds (Yorkshire), Birmingham (Midlands) and London (erm… London) with Slam Dunk. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when someone mentions each of these cities?

When someone mentions these cities I think of Slam Dunk and how amazing the shows are. Really excited for these shows as it edges closer and closer. Haven’t played the UK for a while.

ROAM’s debut album Backbone is out now.

ROAM: official | facebook | youtube

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