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Vans Warped Tour 2016 – launch party (inc. interviews with Less Than Jake and Wage War)

Vans Warped 2016 press conferenceAll the hard work (i.e. everything but writing this up) was done by the incredible Sophie London. The release event was in Miami so due to the budget for Moshville Times being pretty much nothing, we weren’t in a position to fly any of our domestic staff over there so she very kindly stepped in to cover duties at Full Sail University (which I gather she once attended!).

This was the first time the entire line-up had been released in a one-shot, with a live internet feed broadcasting proceedings worldwide. While there, Sophie managed to grab a few words with two of the bands performing – repeat offenders Less Than Jake and first-timers Wage War. We’ve also got a snippet of organiser Kevin Lyman (with some special guests) kicking things off with the major band announcements.

By now, everyone knows about the ridiculously huge line-up for this US-encompassing tour and we await word of which bands will make it over as part of the UK date(s). In the meantime, how excited are Wage War?

This is our first Warped Tour. We think it’s just going to be cool to go around the country and see how the kids respond to our new album. We’ll have a 25-30 minute set so we’ll be restricted to singles and songs that have videos. If anyone reading this wants to hear a certain song then let us know! “Alive” and “Twenty One” will probably be on there though. Check out Blueprints – you can get it on Spotify, iTunes, Hot Topic… just Google it!

Vans Warped 2016 Kevin LymanLess Than Jake had a bit of a laugh about Sophie’s lack of British accent then answered a few of our questions:

How important is this tour to you?

Well, we have bills to pay so it’s pretty important. Kevin Lyman has always been a great supporter of our band and the tour seems to replenish some of our fan base. A lot of fans seem to have heard about us from an older brother or a video game or someone, but never had the chance to catch us live. This is a chance to play in front of those kids [Warped Tour is “all ages” – Mosh]. We’re proud to be on the Warped Tour and we’re proud to say that Warped Tour is one reason that we’re all in this band.

How many Warped Tours is this for you?

Infinity? Erm… ten with just a few shows, nine with at least half and this is the seventh full year that we’ll be doing. So this’ll be our tenth time on the tour and seventh for the full thing.

How does it differ from your first tour?

We’re not on it yet so we don’t know! I think the main thing is the internet. People used to actually watch the show. They weren’t busy taking pictures and trying to capture the moment – they lived it.

Are you planning anything special during the tour?

Actually, yes. We’re actually not on tour, we’re on a campaign trail. We’re having daily rallies to educate the young kids to make Warped Tour great again. We’re on Warped Tour for one reason and that’s to make Warped Tour great.

Any idea of what you’ll be playing yet?

Vans Warped 2016 Full SailsSongs, perhaps. Usually music. Little bit of comedy. A bit of everything. Actually, whatever 3OH3 want us to play. They’re writing our setlists now.

Are you heading overseas, also?

Yes, in a couple of weeks. We’re going to the UK and playing a festival in Belgium called Groezrock. We’re playing London, Oxford, Liverpool, Lie-chester… I mean Leicester! It’s a joke. [Believe it or not, the second I typed this, I got a goal flash saying Leicester just scored against Southampton. Spooky – Mosh]

Do the events at the airport in Belgium affect you at all with that date?

It doesn’t affect us playing, but I think it affects people in a great way. You can’t let that stuff stop you from living your life. It just shows you what a mess the world is currently in and hopefully it gets better. That’s our job – to make the world just a little bit better.

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