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Interview: IDestroy (6th April 2016)

IDestroy 192 (2)So here we are sitting in Bannermans Jagermeister bar with the band IDestroy on their headline tour promoting the EP Vanity Loves Me.

IDestroy’s 4 track debut album EP Vanity Loves Me came out in February. How has it been received?

Yeah really well! We’ve had loads of like, online blogs and stuff. Moshville did a really good review on it. They’ve been going quite well at shows. I think people like this, it’s still recordable because it’s just a CD. It’s been going well, people have been buying online as well which is good, so if you want one, get onto Big Cartel and order one!

Was there a set plan for the “Vanity Loves Me” video when going to shoot it?

We had the concept in our head, we kinda knew what we wanted… we had visualised in our minds what we wanted. Each shot was kind of improvised really. We had the themes of vanity, and all the silliness, we just wanted to have fun with it and see what kind of shots we got and it came out really well. The guy that filmed it, he was really creative and stuff and in the last shot, we’re on this spinning table thing and it was basically like the last thing we did before we left out the door, because we had to rush out, and he was like ‘oh wait, get on this table and I’ll spin you round and I’ll film you’ and it was just the best shot, our favourite shot of the video.

It was mostly improvised but we did have a concept to go with the lyrics and stuff.

Now that the band are on the road and the EP is out there, are there any album plans?

Well, what we were thinking is we’re probably gonna release another EP towards the end of the year. We don’t want to rush the album, because we’re still a really new band but for the release it’s kinda short and sweet and get a couple more EP’s out there. A few different releases for the audience, see what they like and see what we like and find our sound I guess before we fill a full album. But yeah another EP this year first before that will happen.

You have been getting some good press from the likes of Classic Rock Magazine etc. How has the media taken to iDestroy?

Yeah really well. Classic Rock was awesome – getting that feature was really good. Fred Perry did a really good feature of us the other day, which is great. A massive clothing brand doing a feature of us is really cool. The little blogs as well, it’s great just to be getting the word out there really. Some of them are reading things from our lyrics that we didn’t even think of when we wrote them. We were like ‘oh is that what that means?’ Its cool though, I really like to read what people think of the lyrics and stuff. It’s really interesting.

You have been described as girls with a punk rock attitude and infectious bratty songs. How would you describe your sound?

I reckon that kind of sums it up. Bratty does sound a bit weird, it’s a weird word. I wouldn’t describe it as bratty and I think if anyone met us they wouldn’t think that. Maybe that’s how we come across, maybe it’s just the lyrics and our on stage personas and stuff. I think it sums us up quite well, that description.

How did the band come about?

We met whilst studying at Uni and just formed the band then really. We all played in different bands in the local scene. I [Bec] started writing some songs and I thought “I really wanna form a band around these songs”, knew Becky and Jenn and through they’d be ideal people to get the band going.

IDestroy 192 (1)How was it supporting Cherie Currie in Bristol? She played a great set here at Bannermans on the same tour.

It was, good… it was interesting. She wasn’t very well so she couldn’t speak. We knew she’d been losing her voice over the tour. She’d been in hospital for the day just to kind of get over everything, they went on to play and she kinda of just went ‘stop everyone, stop stop stop’ and kind of just croaked into the mic ‘I’m really sorry everyone, I can’t sing…I’ll sign everything you want me to’. So it was great to play with her and meet her, she’s really nice. She hung around and met everyone afterwards. So, she didn’t actually perform (laughs) which was a bit disappointing for all her fans there, but we still got to play the night. It was a really cool line up to be on.

How have the first couple of gigs gone?

Good, we were just playing places we’ve never played before, never been to. It’s a first for us, we played Norwich a few days ago. I’d [Bec] never been to Norwich before. Manchester last night was pretty cool, and looking forward to tonight.

Hopefully it’ll be busy, don’t know what to expect as it’s our first time visiting here.

Any plans after the tour?

Yeah, we’re doing a couple of festivals over the summer. We’ve got a festival in Spain which should be really good, we did it last year as well. A new music video coming out soon as well, work on some new material. Just keep pushing forward and try to expand our fanbase.

Becky, how do you balance your playing with IDestroy and Triaxis?

It’s been very OK actually, there’s quiet times for both bands, so it’s kind of just fitting them around each other. It has been working. Triaxis has been quiet for the last few months with CJ and Giles leaving, so we’ve got a bit of an intense month coming up with rehearsals. It’s been fine working around it, it kind of works together. I’ll find venues through iDestroy and then I’ll find venues like today through Triaxis. It’s great to be in both bands, I really like it.

Words and photos by Gary Cooper.

IDestroy: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | youtube | bigcartel

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