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Interview: Servant Sun

Servant Sun - Hundred WavesGlasgow alt-metallers Servant Sun have a busy spring lined up. With a new EP and a supporting tour on the horizon, it’s all systems go in their camp. So we decided to give the guys a call, and guitarists Ronald O’Kane and Colin Nicol, bassist Will Keogh, and drummer Will O’Brien were more than happy to chat to us about the record, the shows, and what the future holds for the young band.

“We pretty much can’t wait [to get on the road]! We’ve been holed up in our practise space, so we’re excited to show what we’ve been doing! There are a lot of changes in the show. It’s not your standard rock or metal show: there’s a lot of dancey stuff and a lot of quite atmospheric stuff. We’re looking at quite a diverse set.”

Someone interjects: “And potentially a dance pit! Bringing back the eighties man!”. The guys erupt in laughter, showing that, despite the accomplished nature of their sound, they’re out to have fun on this tour. “Who’s most likely to cause trouble? Andy [Macdonald, vocals]! We’ll say that ’cause he’s no here, haha!” A definite opportunity for such shenanigans on the upcoming run is their EP release show at Glasgow’s Audio on 16th April: “We’re really excited for our Glasgow show.  We’re hoping to have it packed out. We’ve played Audio a couple of times so we’re comfortable there, and it’ll be good to play to our friends and family.”

It’s shows like this which are set to make Servant Sun a staple on the thriving local live circuit. When we ask if any local bands have influenced the group’s sound or shows, the boys tell us “We’ve not been around so long that we’ve met a lot of people yet. We’re still quite a young band so

I don’t feel that we take musical influence from the [local] bands, more just like hints and tips on our live performances and stuff.” The band are however willing to wear the influence of some international names on their sleeves. “We want to tour with Incubus! CKY’s a big [influence too]. Alexisonfire, Karnivool, Biffy, Mastodon… Heavier stuff as well: we’re into Pantera, Deftones, and some super heavy shit you’ll never have heard of as well!”

These influences never dominate the band’s sound, however: Servant Sun music is most definitely their own unique creation. (“Somebody from a death metal band said we sounded like a technical Alien Ant Farm…”) And its consistent quality is outstanding, especially considering how prolific the band have been in their few years of playing together. Keogh tells us, “I came into the band as a fan, and when I joined the band they sent me a Dropbox link with the songs I had to learn. And there were like 150 songs on it! I shat myself!” That said, when we ask about any long-term plans for the band, they tell us, “We’re planning on doing an album at some point. But we don’t wanna put a release out, just stick it on YouTube and leave it. We really wanna push these songs as far as they can go. And see where they carry us before we start thinking about other releases.

Saying that, we are playing some brand new stuff on the tour – we’ve got one we’ve pretty much just written. It’s always good to see how it goes down live before we put it down on record.”

This absolutely does not mean that the band lack ambition, however. As well as wanting to support their heroes Incubus, “touring lots, playing new cities, and meeting new people” are all that are on the guys’ minds for the near future. At the end of our chat one of the lads described the apprehension before putting out their new release, Hundred Waves, as “Kind of terrifying: like getting your cock out.” Without wanting to sound like a pal awkwardly trying to calm their friend’s nerves before a big date, Servant Sun have nothing to worry about. With their high energy shows and eclectic, powerful, and unique sound, Incubus would be very lucky to take them out. But until then, we’re more than happy to raise a can of Tennent’s to them and get right into one of their ‘dance pits’.

Hundred Waves is out on 15th April.

Servant Sun play a special E.P. Release show at Glasgow’s Audio on 16th April.

Servant Sun: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp | youtube | bigcartel

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