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Interview: Dave Brenner of Theory of a Deadman

RossPeople are beginning to queue to see Theory of a Deadman take on Glasgow’s O2 ABC again. The band’s frontman, Tyler Connolly passes me in the street and remarks dryly to the people “Sorry, the show’s cancelled!” Meanwhile, we had the chance to speak with guitarist Dave Brenner about future plans, touring, having Alice Cooper feature on their most recent album and much more.

First of all, welcome back to Glasgow. And in the same place as last time!

That’s right, we played here last time. Biggest disco ball in all of Europe or something like that!

Last year you released an acoustic EP, is it something you could see yourselves doing again at some point?

I don’t know if we’ll release another one but did just recently tour and do a full acoustic tour. We played a bunch of theatres where we just played all acoustic music and that was kinda cool. So that could be something we could end up doing out here. Who knows? I don’t know if we’ll do another acoustic EP or not, only time will tell.

The title track of Savages features Alice Cooper, how did that happen?

I challenged him to a round of golf and if he lost, he had to be on our record and if I lost, I had to be on his record. So he lost – I got a couple of hole in ones. No, that’s bullshit…[laughs] The guy who produced our record knew his old manager or something like that so he made a call, asked if he’d do it and he heard the song and dug the song. So Tyler [Connolly, vocalist and guitarist] flew out there, hung out at his house where his studio is and he recorded the vocals there. It was pretty cool having Alice Cooper on one of our tracks; it’s a highlight!

You’ve often said you’re the band to break up to, ground which you cover quite often and a lot of the times it’s pretty tongue-in-cheek. Savages seemed to move away from that, covering some darker subjects, was that intentional or more organic?

I think that was intentional. I think that was something for Tyler he tried to do. He tries to push himself with every record, try different things. If he starts hearing more people talk about tongue-in-cheek, he’ll want to try to do something a little different.

Obviously, Savages has been out for quite some time now, is there any plans to record a sixth album?

Yeah, this is it. We’ve got like six more shows, seven more shows and then we’re flying back and taking time off, working on the new record and maybe sometime next year: record number six!

Would you consider doing a live album at any point?

Fuck yeah! Live DVD. Why just do a live album? Go straight for the DVD. I think at some point that’d be cool, we’ve never done that so it’s definitely something we could look for in the future.

What can we expect from the setlist tonight? Will it be similar to last year?

A little similar. We play a lot of the singles and stuff that we’ve had, songs that we have videos for and that kind of stuff. We’re also aware we were here not too long ago so we try to change out a few songs, play some different ones. We listen to our fans too and what songs people wanted to hear, sort of pick the songs we know the fans want to see live. A few changes from last time. The set feels good, I’m digging it.

Is there any aspect of touring you don’t like?

Yeah, you spend a lot of time away from home and your loved ones and that kind of thing. It can be tough at times; take a toll. We just had some time off and now we’re back on the road for a short run. This kind of touring is all fun, everyone’s having a good time and we know we’ve got a lot of time off after this, too. That’s not really a big factor right now. I would say that’s the only thing. We love playing shows and we all love hanging out together on the bus. We have movie nights and stuff. Like, last night, Danny, – our merch guy – we were under a blanket together watching a movie, keeping each other company, you know? Those are the kind of intimate moments I really appreciate being out on tour.

What inspired you to make music your career?

I was a big fan of music growing up, my dad played guitar and I was always around a lot of live music and I think I was a fan of music until I heard Alice in Chains. Then I was like “I wanna know how to play this shit”. I just started learning how to play Alice in Chains songs and that’s kinda how it started for me. It just went from there, I enjoyed playing, you know?

Any plans for the future?

Like I said, a bunch of time off, start working on some new songs and we’ll probably do a bunch of American festival dates and stuff like that throughout the summer. And then maybe, like I was saying, we did an acoustic run in western Canada earlier this year so we’ll probably do some acoustic dates in eastern Canada, just to finish that off and maybe do a few acoustic dates in the States to see how that goes over and I think that might be it for the whole year. So it should be a pretty calm year but hopefully get some stuff dialled in for the next record.

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