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Interview: Nikki Misery of New Years Day

Nikki Misery New Years Day 192KatieA quick interview took place before the show at London’s Camden Underworld, the review for which you can read here.

So you guys are over here on tour with Motionless In White and there are just a couple more shows to go. How has the tour gone so far?

It’s going awesome! It’s always been an honour and a pleasure to come out here. Coming out to this part of the world where kids who don’t get to see American bands seem so hungry and so passionate for bands like us, and it’s always very humbling to see that. Very insane at the same time.

When you start a band you never think that anybody want to see you, let alone in another country across the world! I always get asked “what is it like to be in a big band” and I’m like “I don’t know; are we big? I’m just over here hanging out with you all”.

Do you find that there is a difference between the crowd over here compared to back home in the US?

In a sense; yes and no. Kids over here don’t seem to get to see Motionless In White, New Years Day as much as the kids in America. In America we have more tours; we have Warped Tour so we are constantly around there. I mean there is definitely a difference – it’s cool to see the kids over here so hungry and passionate – but there is a also a huge difference from LA crowds to crowds in New York, so of course there is always a difference but there is always a similarity.

Have you guys played Glasgow yet, in Scotland? Live shows are supposed to be pretty crazy up there and the fans get really into it!

Yeah, a couple of days ago; it was so much fun!

In November last year you played your first UK headline show at The Barfly which sold out really quickly. That must have been so exciting!

Yeah that we gnarly! It was surreal, very surreal. When this stuff happens it’s seems like I’m gonna wake up and I’ll be five or six years old and this whole this life was a dream.

Are you guys planning on doing more shows over here?

Yes, I would love to.

Do you have any festivals planned?

Yeah we have a bunch of festivals, I don’t know them off the top of my head but I know we do have a bunch.

What is your favourite track to play live?

Right now it’s been ‘Malevolence’. It has been the first tour where we have been playing it, so I like time to find the feeling of the song. With the other songs you get into a groove and you know how it goes, and Malevolence I am really starting to feel out. That’s my new favourite.

Your live shows have been described as being theatrical and extravagant. If money was no object and you could play absolutely anywhere in the world; from Madison Square Garden to The O2, what would you do? Would you have tonnes of pyro like Rammstein, would you fly around on wires like P!nk?

Oh I would do everything! Yeah if I had all the money why not! It would be like KISS meets Alice Cooper meets a cabaret show…anything to make it wild and crazy. We could get House Of Freaks to come and do kinda-circusy thing, maybe set myself on fire, but also I want something that fits the theme that we are doing for that tour. It’s hard say but I’d just kinda want to do everything!

So what is next for New Years Day?

We have festivals, we are definitely coming back here…I know we’ve got a couple of tours when we get home, but I don’t think I can say them yet. Pretty much just world domination!

All photos by Katie Frost Photography

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