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Interview: Anders Landelius of Dead Soul (Bristol, Dec 20th 2015)

AoifeFormed back in 2012, Dead Soul are a band that have no boundaries went it comes to their music. With a mixture of jazz and electronic music, the band have been influenced by many genres of music outside the metal world. They are currently touring with Ghost across Europe. I sat down with the mastermind behind the band Anders Landelius, to discuss the influences behind the band and about life on the road with Ghost.

What inspired you to form the band back in 2012?

Niels Nielsen was producing solo records 10 years ago, and we found that the solo album had too much blues influences, and we wanted to take it only to a few songs, but with no boundaries. We had no real intentions of forming the band, however things did change. Niels then sent some of the songs over to Anders Fridén (vocalist of In Flames), and within 10-15 minutes of us sending him in the track, he wanted to sign us. We quickly had to think of a name, and it happened so fast! Then Ghost heard about us and wanted to help, and no one says no the Papa.

Why did you decide to name the band Dead Soul?

It was a fast decision, we had to chose quickly and we were playing around with words that describes the band the best way, so we came up with the name Dead Soul. It also works because they are just normal words that we came up with by coincidence which was pretty good for an industrial band. For me it also represents the focus on the soul in music.

What were your ideologies behind the band?

Dead Soul is more based in the studio than playing live, with a mixture of electronic music and blues. We wanted to stretch our music to different genres. Lyrically our themes are personal, and we dig music and explore interesting topics, which was he foundation for the band. We wanted to be honest in our lyrics and tell stories that we can relate to. Our lyrics are also personal and realistic, and almost therapeutic in ways. For our first album In the Darkness it was more of a dark album as I had a lot of dark thoughts I wanted to get out of my system, from past experiences. One of the great things about music is that it is personal, and you can never feel lonely, we have received letters from people saying how they can relate to the songs. The day the songs stop being personal is the day where we will conclude, but there is no sign of ending.

What has influenced you musically?

I started out listening to bands such as the Ramones, and I was fascinated by bands who have a true meaning behind them, and they mean what they say. Also I have learnt to appreciate things such as production which is personal for me, for example when I heard Metallica’s first album Kill ‘Em All and I found it so raw, and full of passion.

You recently released the album The Sheltering Sky this year. What were your inspirations behind the album?

The first album took 5-6 years to do, and with this album we had less time which was good because we had more pressure to get things done. Lyrically the first album was a lot more dark, but with this album we made it more light, with messages about being humble in life , and that no one is perfect but that’s okay. As well as messages about forgiving yourself and people around you. This album was defiantly less angry and destructive which enabled us to go forward.

You are on tour with Ghost at the moment, how has it been so far?

It has been amazing, it is a 32 date tour, and this is our second to last show. We have met so many people, and we have known Ghost for a long time, and we are just a big family, and Ghost have been looking after us. We have also seen a lot of different countries as we have been travelling by planes and trains rather than being stuck in a tour bus, and because of that we have been all of the place across Europe.

How do you think fans have reacted to the album and tour?

It has been really good. We had a lot of luck with the first album in terms of reviews. For the second album we tried to ignore the reviews for the first album and work as best as we could. People from Europe have reacted to the new album well, as it is a nice surprise from the first album, and it is really good to play new material live.

What are your plans for the future?

Try to do as much as possible in terms of promoting the new album, by playing live. Touring and playing live is our main goal for the future, because music now travels fast. We also want to do our own shows as we have only played 7 or 8 songs whilst being on tour with Ghost, so the plan is that later next fall is to come back and play shows as headliners.

You guys are from Sweden and the rock/metal scene is huge out there, are there any bands that are just coming out of the woodwork, which in your opinion people should check out?

Honestly I don’t listen to metal that much any more. I have a way in which I end up listening to bands that I know personally, such as Great Discord, who are from our home-town and we have done a show with. They are signed to Metal Blade and spread the word, because they are a good prog/metal band who are really great. Then there is also Ghost who grow all of the time, they are good showmen. Also at the end of shows we stand at the merch stand and we sign stuff for fan who were blown away after hearing us.

What has been the highlight of the tour so far?

That’s hard to answer, I would say playing in Paris because it felt amazing. We were playing in Stockholm to three and a half thousand people, and we got off the stage and went on to social media and everyone was talking about Paris. It was so surreal and sad, it kept following us, the Paris gig for us was unsure, but it did go ahead and it felt great to play in Paris. We met people who were there during the attacks and hearing their stories it was very emotional, but felt right to play there.

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