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Interview: Adam Buzsko of Hate

Photo by Aoife le Roux

Photo by Aoife le Roux

AoifeHate are one of the most extreme metal bands to come out of a huge scene in Poland. Formed back in 1990, the band have a turbulent yet triumphant career, dealing with death, but with a huge success with albums such as their latest – Crusade: Zero. I sat down with Adam Buzsko to discuss the themes behind the band, and to discuss the tour, supporting Belphegor.

How is the tour going so far?

It’s a great tour, the atmosphere is great. Vital Remains and Belphegor are friendly, and it’s going great. We are also happy to tour to make a promotion for Crusade: Zero in Europe on Napalm Records. This is our second tour in support of the album following a tour with Vader and Marduk. We only have nine shows left to play over four or five countries.

What where the ideologies behind the album Crusade: Zero?

Crusade: Zero is based on a story about the end of civilisation. It’s about how all the effort of humanity is futile, and zero is the outcome. The ‘crusade’ describes the effort, and the ‘zero’ describes the end. The message behind it is not to be too optimistic.

How do you think the fans have reacted to the album Crusade: Zero?

It has been very good, and I am really satisfied with the reactions. This is our first album with a new line-up as we were re-building the band in 2008 as our bass player died due to heart disturbances whilst we were on tour, with Hypocrisy, so we had a line-up change with a new album. It was like a revival for the band, and I am happy to see support from the fans and followers, and more people have become more interested in what we do. This album was a step forward with great energy. We al ready planning our next album and tonight we presented two new songs such as ‘Hearts of Steel’, some tracks from our latest album and some songs from our 2010 album Erebos.

Going back in time, how did you originally form the band back in 1990?

I was a teenager back then, and I wanted to front an extreme band, with extreme music and rebellion against the system. Poland was still communist and that took another ten years for it to collapse. Also Poland is a traditional country with the church, and I have hate against the religion, as it’s untrue, and this is a theme in our lyrics. Lyrics against religion, Islam, Christianity and Theistic Satanism, where they try to use ideology in a wrong way which I’m against.

You guys are from Poland are there any new bands that are coming out of the metal scene?

The metal scene in Poland is lively and it is a developing phenomenon with new bands such as Black Metal band Mgla which translates to ‘fog’ in English. They are friends of ours and we have known then for 10 or 15 years, and they are becoming well-known. We saw the struggle with them, but the end was a positive one. There is also Obscure Sphinx who combine metal with dark ambient, and Gothic styles, they have a female vocalist, and in some ways they are extreme. There is also Infernal War, who recorded their 3rd album this year. They have a lot of problems getting shows because of their ideology and they go to the limits, they are not exactly politically correct.

If you could tour with any band, who would it be?

That’s a hard question but some Black Metal bands because what of most we do originates from Black Metal or Pagan Metal, as well as Polish folk music which is also important in what we do. I would love to go on tour with bands such as Watain, and Carpathian Forest who we toured with around Europe in 2006. Belphegor as well because we are friends with them and we toured with them in the U.S back in 2011. We basically play with bands we get along with such as Hypocrisy, who are also friends of ours. I remember their attitude after our bass player died and they behaved in a great way, they played a show dedicated to our bass player, and they used their own money to bring our bass player back to Poland. Then from the show that they dedicated to our bass player the money from the merch was given to our bass player’s mother, and the band didn’t boast about it, and it was not really known to the public.

If you were not in a band, what would you be doing?

That’s another hard question I would still be an artist of some kind using my talents in other ways such as painting and novel writing. I actually did try to write something but dropped my ideas as it was time consuming and I just didn’t have the time to do it. But maybe when I retire I still have ideas about novels from a science-fiction genre.

What are your plans for the future?

Next April we will be touring South America going to Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia to name a few, this will be our third visit to South America, but going to more countries, and I am looking forward to it as we have a lot of followers over there who buy our merch from Europe.

Last question, how did you get into the metal genre?

Since I can remember I was 12 and I was a big fan of Wasp and AC/DC and King Diamond. Then I got into Thrash Metal especially in Germany such as Kreator and Destruction, followed by the Florida Death Metal and the Norwegian Black Metal scene. I heard Pleasure to Kill by Kreator in 1986 and that’s when I wanted to become a musician and be in a band.

Photos by Aoife Le Roux

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