Friday, October 21, 2016
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Classic Covers: Kataklysm – The American Way

Sacred Reich - The American WayRandomly this week I found myself listening to Sacred Reich’s classic The American Way album. If I had the time I’d draft a Golden Oldies article for it, but I don’t at the moment. Maybe later.

Anyway, while looking for the old video of the title track I encountered this cover from 2014 by Canadian deathsters Kataklysm. What really caught my attention was that they’ve re-worked the video as well in the style of the original – a nice touch. As such, I’ve put both of them below for you to compare.

Sacred Reich were one of my bucket-list bands and I saw them a couple of years back at King Tuts. After having the album on repeat play since Wednesday I feel the urge to catch them again!

Sacred Reich: facebook

Kataklysm: official | facebook | twitter

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