Friday, October 21, 2016
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Classic Cover: Sari Schorr – Black Betty

Leadbelly - Black BettyA song many will recognise as being by RamJam… and perhaps not realising that they actually covered it themselves. The original was released as early as 1939 by blues legend Leadbelly.

Today’s version comes to you courtesy of up-and-comer Sari Schorr. She’s perhaps better known for her work with the band Engine Room featuring ex-Robert Plant guitarist Innes Sibun.

Schorr’s version sits right between the original and RamJam’s version. More bluesy that the cover, more rocky than Leadbelly. This is what covers are all about – taking the original and moulding it to suit your own sound.

Sari Schorr: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | pinterest

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