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World’s Most Weird Metal Genres

(c)bogdanpo via DeviantArt

Metal is not for everyone- either you like or you hate it! That being said, when you start listening to metal you keep on discovering obscure bands and weird genres, which provide a great impetus to your thoughts. It doesn’t matter whether you like to listen to music while playing your favorite no deposit casino games, we are sure you would want to know more about metal music.

The Top Weird Metal Genres You Probably Didn’t Know About

Today, we are going to check out some of the world’s most weird metal genres out there.

  1. Samurai Death Metal

We love samurai movies so how would you like samurai metal? A Finnish band called Whispered writes all their lyrics about samurais. Not only that, the melodic death metal band even has started to wear kabuki makeup when they take the stage for live performances. Would you like a taste of their tune?

  1. Sludge Metal

Now we are really talking weird! A metal genre named sludge?

If you give a chance you will find the music much slower than other genres, but the bass is really prominent and provides a thump to your heart. The songs come with a unique groove that keeps them flowing and the solos also play out in a funky vibe. If you like mellow metal songs then you should listen to KYUSS to get a taste of this genre. It’s something that you get addicted to with time, so you might just want to listen to Sludge metal a little before giving your feedback. This one’s an acquired taste just like wine, after all!

  1. Goblin Metal

Goblins are not all about magic and the band Nekrogoblikon proves it with their music. Their debut album Stench was received favorably by the fans and they really became popular afterwards. All of their songs have to do with goblins some way or the other and you can take a look at their hilarious videos to enjoy the music.

  1. Kawaii Metal

Japan has contributed to the world of arts and entertainment and we can take the example of anime. They have also produced the Kawaii Metal genre which combines heavy metal music with J-Pop. The first band to tread on this road was BabyMetal and the group sang in Japanese along with a band that produced traditional heavy metal music.

It’s a rare combination that really attracted the fans but we don’t know exactly for what!

  1. Pirate Metal

We had goblins, samurais and what not in the list of weird metal music. Now it’s turn for pirate metal which sings about shipwrecks, looting and getting drunk on rum. Piracy and metal has a long relation but now it has actually been converted to music by bands like Alestorm.

Metal music has a flavor of its own and can help you feel energized and lively.

Now go and listen out the songs of the weird metal genres and tell us which is your favourite!

Header image (c)bogdanpo via DeviantArt

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