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The Melodious Music Albums to Steal the Show in 2018

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Now that we are at the beginning of a yet another new year, everything seems to be so lively and appealing. Isn’t it? People are trying to be upgraded always and stick to their new year resolutions with full enthusiasm. Amid of such an alluring and hopeful ambiance, the music industry is not lagging behind rather! There’s a ton of fresh releases coming up soon. Well, some of them are already out!

Have you checked them out?

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However, do you want to take a glimpse of the best music albums of 2018?

In that case,  here’s a precise listicle for you.

Have a look!

Twin Fantasy by Car Seat Headrest

This fabulous album of Will Toledo is not a new name for his fans. Actually, it longs back to quite a significant number of years. He wrote and recorded this album when he was just 17 years old and released it on Bandcamp. Now, on February 16, 2018, the latest version of this album has been released. Listen to it and delve into the awesome music!

Historian by Lucy Dacus

Who doesn’t know this outstanding American indie rock performer? Yes! This is her yet another extraordinary creation which is hopefully going to take the musical world by storm on the upcoming month of March. The splendid ‘Night Shift’ from her has already been selected among the best songs of 2017. So, it can be very strongly anticipated that ‘Historian’ is going to be no less than a buzz.

Man of the Woods by Justin Timberlake

Ah yes! Justin Timberlake is back again with his a yet another immortal composition. He has launched one of his recent releases on February 2, 2018. It is simply amazing! This outstanding album is entirely filled up with some fantastic rugged acts. The first song on the album which is nothing but the ‘Filthy’ that has been released on the first Friday of February seems like winning the hearts of thousands!

4. Turbo Grafx 16 by Kanye West

There might not be any such rap lover in the world who doesn’t wait for the launches of Kanye West. So, a great news is there for all of them! Just two weeks after he has released his frenetic and amorphous album ‘The Life of Pablo’ in 2016, he tweeted that his next album ‘Turbo Grafx 16’ is coming soon. Since that time, you might be waiting for it! Hopefully, the mystery is going to get over soon. Although it is expected that this album will launch in the coming months of 2018, the date is yet to be announced.

Winding Up

So, these are the most incredible music albums of 2018! Some of them are already existing in the musical world and some are about to arrive soon. Whatever might be the scenario, the thrill is on! Just experience them soon which are around you and get ready for the upcoming ones. As a music enthusiast, you are obviously going to get some flawless masterpieces being served to you!

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