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The Story Behind “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses

History stands testimony to the fact that some of the biggest hits in the music world has come from songs that musicians considered to be frivolous or sure to be flops. The “Sweet Child O’ Mine” song from Guns N’ Roses is just one example of such a song that the band thought would be a sure flop and went on to become one of the biggest hits in the music world.  The mobile slots game featuring this 90’s hit song has taken the online gaming world by storm. The song and the story behind this song are equally interesting and intriguing.

A slots game inspired by a poem written for his girlfriend

The story behind the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” song is now nothing short of a fable. The original form of this song was in the form of a poem that was penned by Axl Rose. He wrote this for his girlfriend. This poem, then went on to become the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” that won the hearts of music lovers worldwide. You can enjoy every aspect of this lovely song while you play this mobile slot game at Jackpot mobile casino.

A joke that went on to inspire even a mobile slots game

Once the lead singer Axl finished writing the song and the band worked on it, none of them was excited about the outcome. To most of the members of the band, this song was just a joke, and they thought it would tank as soon as it was released. However, once the song was released, it went on to create mayhem in the musical world and became one of the biggest hits that Guns N’Roses would ever have to their credit. The slot game themed from this song has kept all the flavours of this song intact, without losing its charm a single bit.

The mobile slots features were not the original idea for the song

The song and the features in the online and mobile slots game that you can play at Jackpot Mobile Casino are themed after the video and the song that was released to the public. However, the real idea that the lead singer of the band had for the video of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was entirely different. He wanted the video to focus on the theme of trafficking drugs, and the screenplay that he had created was in line with this idea. However, the recording studio didn’t feel it would work and denied permission for it.

The “Sweet Child O’ Mine” video had all the band members featured in it portraying their styles and mannerisms. This went viral among the young generation, and many youngsters copied these blindly. The famous pelvic hitch almost became a rage and was the most copied trend among youngsters at that time. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” mobile slots game has captured the soul of this song, and that’s what makes it exciting to play.

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