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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Camden Rocks 2017 preview and stage times

Camden Rock Festival returns on the 3rd of June – another year showcasing some of the finest talent around. If you have yet to frequent this festival then get ready to go. In one day, you get the chance to see 250 acts at 25 different venues in the Camden area. The Koko club, formerly Camden Palais, has joined the fold this year.

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One ticket gives you have the chance to see who’s ready to explode on the scene. You get to watch live music, not one band with a couple of support acts, but a full-on festival with public transport roaming the streets.

2017 is headlined by Brit rockers Feeder. Therapy!? front man Andy Cairns performs in the evening which has me salivating. Troublegum blew my mind back in the day. King Blues are back, Carl Barat and the Jackals, The Coral and The Damned… the list is endless (or close to it!), and all for 39 snots.

A plan may be required, or a walk about. Go see who catches your eyes and ears. Embrace the flow, the freedom of entering iconic venues for bands you may not know about… yet.

This isn’t my first rodeo. Last year at 12 o’clock The Kut kicked off proceedings at the Crowndale (formerly the Purple Turtle). They’re back at 2:30 at the same venue, go see them. Also last year I managed to see grunge rockers Hands Off Gretel, and former lead vocalist of 80s rockers Cherry Bombz back as the Anita Chellamah band, both on the bill. I recommend you check those three out. Keep your eyes open and see what you think of Soap Girls, Lupus Dei, Weirds, California’s very own Love Zombies and Dirty Thrills. It’s exhilarating. So many choices! Oh, choices, choices, this is tough.

Stage Times – click for bigness

Blame Chris McCormack, the organiser of Camden Rock festival and guitarist of Brit rockers 3 Colours Red. His brother, Danny played for the Wildhearts, so rock music’s in his blood. Chris has spread the word of music celebration, and for only £39 you’ll feel an atmosphere only rockers can create.

The 3rd of June is a day and night of rock music that’ll consume you in a loving way. As you may know, the music world is reeling from the recent losses of Greg Allman and Chris Cornell, as well as the atrocities at Manchester. So sometimes music has a job to bring us together, to enjoy, to love, to heal and be part of a scene that allows emotion to flow.

We’re here together, standing tall and headbanging our way around Camden Town.

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