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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Track-by-Track: Maplerun – Partykrasher

Popular Greek heavy rock crew Maplerun return with their killer third album Partykrasher, out on Friday 28th April.

Born in 2007, Maplerun express a sound that is emotive, direct and immersing. Drawing from alternative rock, nu-metal and modern, the four piece have a keen affection for System of a Down and Slipknot’s stomping delivery and unbridled energy, and also cite Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and Tool, as key influences.

To date, the Greek riff slingers have released two full length albums, House on Fire in 2008, and 2012’s Restless, as well as a plethora of well received video singles. Maplerun are firmly established in their homeland and have regularly been featured and covered in Metal Hammer Magazine, on live Greek TV and MTV Greece.

For Maplerun’s third album, Partykrasher, the band enlisted legendary producer and multi Grammy Award winner David Bottrill (Tool, Stonesour, Muse, Placebo) to handle both mixing and producing duties. The record drops this April and it’s packed with ten beastly cuts that are soaked in dense instrumentation, hook laden choruses and engaging riffs with thoughtful dynamics. With a full touring schedule lined up for this Spring, including support shows with Blaze Bayley, the band’s rise is without doubt.

Here, the band have taken time out to give us a quick run-down of each track from the forthcoming release.


We are currently living in a world that is devastated by the economic, social, political, emigrational and environmental crisis. While the social ranks are getting more distant day by day, the politicians are still feeding us lies, the world is starving, education is limited and within all this chaos we rely on technology for entertainment, connection, communication etc. Is this how we want to live? Is anyone actually happy or are we all just letting life slip through our fingers while insisting on fake values and ideals? This is something that no one else can do for you….therefore D(o) I(t) Y(ourself).


This track is about, bullying… from kids at school, from your own parents and family, from the system that wants you to keep your head down and buy the life that is directed for you. Where does true love stand within all these? And what are we supposed to do when it fails? We are all running away from something after all…


The lyrical content for ‘When You’re Down Drugs’ is based around depression from the eyes of a teenager. The message is, “Don’t let them drag you down… turn it around!”


The song is an angry one. Enormous amounts of anger caused by a dysfunctional relationship. Thank god, we took it out on our music and not on each other.


The world is falling apart, little kids and elders are dying from starvation every day and all we seem to care about is going out to party and taking selfies with your phone.


We ask you to please kindly make your own interpretation of this song.


Good old heartbreak song. Have you ever felt that feeling where the weight of the heartbreak is crushing on you while you are in a hole so deep that you can’t breathe? Sure, you have. Let it all out.


The track is about life through the eyes of a dying alcoholic, whose lost love is as certain as his upcoming death. Happy stuff indeed.


This is a song about the end of a prolonged relationship which was based on manipulation and abuse. So, now watch the arrow fly.


Mental illness, my old friend. Have you ever felt that you are not where you belong? That there is something else out there for you which you haven’t found yet? Do you feel like the antidepressants the doctor subscribed aren’t leading you anywhere? The track is about the search for the truth within you and the light that can shine as long as you believe it exists. Don’t allow your dreams to become a shipwreck from the stars.

You can pre-order Partykrasher on bandcamp right now.

Maplerun: officialfacebook | twitterbandcamp | soundcloud | youtube

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