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Lest We Forget

Mosh November 11, 2016 Features No Comments on Lest We Forget

A little late in the day, but I’ve struggled to get the time to draft and post this – better late than never, as they say.

poppies-on-crossesI wasn’t sure whether I should pop something on the page about Armistice / Veterans’ Day (depending where about in the world you are), but as ever I ended up feeling like I had to express my own gratitude – and I’m sure that of the Moshville Times Crew – for the actions and sacrifices of our armed forces past and present.

My own grandfather was on the beaches of Normandy in WWII and, despite having several grandkids (three of us boys) it wasn’t something he ever seemed too keen to talk about. Obviously this wasn’t something for glorified speech, but something he was part of, dealt with and didn’t want to sully young minds with.

War isn’t glamorous. It’s terrifying, messy, horrific. Those who choose to put themselves into harm’s way to protect the freedom of those unwilling or unable to do so deserve our recognition and thanks. Standing for the two minutes’ silence this morning, holding hands with my youngest daughter, and realising how good we have it compared to what things may have been like had it not been for those who gave their lives back in the early part of last century…

Thank you.

We find ourselves covering a genre which contains a huge number of songs focussing on war – Sabaton have built a career on it. But my personal favourite, a song that resonates more as a piece of war poetry than a metal track, is by another fallen hero. Motorhead’s “1916” is as emotive and graphic a lyrical depiction of the so-called “Great War” as anyone could ever write.

Header image by Doug Belshaw, used under Creative Commons license – attribution and sharealike. Resized and cropped from original.

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