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Enviktas release new single “Denali” (UK Exclusive)

enviktas-mantraNewcastle metallers Enviktas are proud to reveal the first single, “Denali”, from their upcoming album Mantra. Due to be released next year, the new album is the follow-up to their self-titled EP released in March 2014.

Guitarist and co-founder of the band Jordan Watts comments:

Firstly, the name “Denali” belongs to a young wolf whom we sponsor and was rescued through Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Colorado. The name meant “great one” or “highest mountain”. Through research we found that it is also the name of the highest mountain peak in North America. We thought that this was a great theme to write the song around. Strength, solidarity and solitude. All through the eyes of a wolf.

Musically we wanted it to be melodically simple but strong and hard hitting with room for many layers of texture. It has very little repeated sections and moves much like the life of the wolf and humans in general. Full of ups and downs, controlled then chaotic and sweet then sour. The music should tell a story just as much as the lyrics. The sound has been very much inspired by Rotting Christ from Greece. And we were extremely lucky to have been given a feature vocal for the song from the bands frontman, Sakis Tolis. We then gave all the pieces to Ryan Huthnance of Emissary Studios, who put it all together masterfully and gave it that punch and polished sound we needed for the icing on the cake. We were very happy with his work and to have his trademark sound on our music is an honour. Robin Stone is another very special guest on this track, being one of the best drummers we know. A special mention also goes out to Ben Bullivant who captured our ideas in the artwork.

Since 2010 the band has played a number of supporting and headlining shows along side local and International bands such as Warbringer and Gloryhammer. The Band has been writing a follow up, debut album entitled Mantra, since 2015 which explores even heavier sounds and themes than the previous release. With a thirst for experimentation and a passion for expanding on the dark side of tribal folk music into an eclectic mix of World contemporary Metal, you can expect more than a few surprises with the new release Mantra (and some familiar voices too!).

Enviktas: facebook | bandcamp

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