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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Eurovision Day 3: Azerbaijan / Belgium

Eurovision 2015 192

Each day in the run-up to the finals, we’re doing two tracks from the 2015 Eurovision Song Competition and tearing them to shreds analysing them carefully in a bid to predict the winner on May 23rd.

AZERBAIJAN: Elnur Huseynov – “Hour of the Wolf”

MOSH – A fairly apt title as it seems to go on for at least an hour. On the other hand, I love the name “Azerbaijan” so I’m giving them a sympathy point. 1/5

DAVE – Ah man, I thought this was going to be like Thriller. Hour of the Wolf? More like 3 minutes of false advertising. NUL PWA!

BELGIUM: Loic Nottet – “Rhythm Inside”

MOSH – I’m calling “cheat” on this one. It’s a step away from the usual fare – quite tribal in rhythm – but no way on earth is that a bloke singing. Minus points for obvious lip-syncing. And because “Belgium” is the rudest word in the universe. But plus one for waffles. 1/5

DAVE – They’ve nicked the intro to Boyzone’s “No Matter What” – and Boyzone have nicked their instruments to get their own back. No, there’s some synth. Sheesh, if you’re going to keep one instrument then don’t make it synth, for the love of Stephen Gately!! NUL PWA!

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