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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Lara Vischi

Lara VischiI am an Italian born , Edinburgh based photography student interested in all things rock and metal. I am really passionate about music, photography, nature, travel and pretty much everything I do. I relocated to Scotland back in 2002 after living in Northern Ireland for a while. I recently joined forces with Moshville Times and I am now adding to my photography portfolio while learning new skills writing music reviews and interviewing musicians. I am currently training at college with the aim of becoming a professional photographer. Long live Rock’n’Roll \m/

From: Monfalcone, Italy now living in Edinburgh, Scotland

Preferred genres: METAL (most of it), rock/blues and any good tunes that comes along. In no particular order I love classic heavy metal, doom metal, prog metal, thrash metal, death metal, power metal, symphonic and melodic metal, folk metal, industrial metal, gothic metal and some black metal too. However I cannot be bothered with anything with “core”, “grind” or “nu” in it.

5 Favourite bands: Metallica, Opeth, Riverside, Black Sabbath, Candlemass

5 Favourite albums: Metallica – Ride the Lightning, Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell, Queensryche – Empire, Candlemass – Epicus doomicus metallicus, Riverside – Out of Myself

Favourite venues: The Classic Grand, Stereo and O2 ABC in Glasgow; Liquid Room and Bannermans Bar in Edinburgh

First gig: Motorhead 19.03.1987

Favorite gig: Clash of the Titans (Slayer, Megadeth, Testament and Suicidal Tendencies) back on 25.09.1990 in Milan, Italy

Favourite drink: Pelinkovac and Jägermeister (alcoholic), Fanta (non­-alcoholic)

Favourite food: so much to choose from…love Italian food (pizza!) and Middle Eastern cuisine (tagine!)

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