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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Cambion – Virus EP (extended edition)

Released last Monday, 20th April, Devon’s Cambion bunged a couple of new tracks onto their existing Virus EP and threw it back out for public consumption. And consume you should if you like a bit of progressive death. Virus is best [...]

April 25, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Six Feet Under – Crypt of the Devil

Chris Barnes seems to be the Marmite of the death metal scene. I have friends who like his vocals and friends who can’t stand them, but that’s the thing about music – it’s all about personal taste. I’m in the [...]

April 25, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Unleashed – Dawn of the Nine

About a year or so ago I first started getting into the classic Swedish death metal scene. I had always been aware of it and the band’s associated with it in the early 90s who are now considered legends of [...]

April 24, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Kamelot – Haven

 Kamelot were founded in Tampa, Florida, by Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner back in 1992. There have been some line up changes over the years but the unstoppable creative force of Kamelot symphonic power metal keeps shining bright after twenty [...]

April 24, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Everclear – Black is the New Black

Everclear are a band that never seem to have made it big in the UK despite having four platinum albums in the US. Their 1997 album So Much For The Afterglow was anthemic for me when I was a student and – [...]

April 23, 2015 Album Reviews

Review: Tengger Cavalry – Blood Sacrifice Shaman

Another day, another folk metal band. But not just any folk metal band, for Tengger Cavalry are – to the best of my knowledge – unique, playing a mixture of traditional Mongolian music interlaced with heavy metal. We featured them [...]

April 22, 2015 Album Reviews