Wednesday, September 19, 2018
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album Review: Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions

Few bands have epitomised the idea of a cult following like Clutch. Releasing a steady stream of albums and eschewing the idea of musical fads, they knew what they were and stuck with it. People have known for decades how [...]

September 6, 2018 Album Reviews

EP Review: Darkness Divine – Prelude

Having discovered Darkness Divine at the start of the year supporting Black King Cobra (now there’s a contrast for you), it was immediately apparent how great they were as a live act despite their infancy. With several shows since to [...]

September 5, 2018 Album Reviews

Album Review: Nytt Land – Odal

Mouth harp and throat-singing lovers, welcome. Even for the ears which are used to it, Nytt Land and its frontal approach may sound unsettling at first. There is something intriguing in the way they use unusually rough yet natural sounds [...]

September 2, 2018 Album Reviews

EP Review: Equinox (UK) – Bloodstock sampler

Continuing to dig through the pile of CDs I got at Bloodstock, here’s one especially pressed for the occasion. Equinox UK (the “UK” isn’t part of their name, but they mention it a lot so I assume it’s to avoid [...]

September 1, 2018 Album Reviews

Album Review: The Vintage Caravan – Gateways

The great thing about classic rock is it can come in so many forms. With The Vintage Caravan, it’s found to be more fuzzy and psychedelic but they ensure things are kept heavy enough for good measure. It’s been quite [...]

August 30, 2018 Album Reviews

EP Review: Luke Appleton – How Does It Feel To Be Alive?

Continuing our brief series of “it was shoved in my hands at a festival so I’m reviewing it” releases, is this 4-track offering from Luke Appleton. Many may know him from Iced Earth and Fury UK (he plays bass in [...]

August 28, 2018 Album Reviews