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Golden Oldies: Death – Human

The granddaddies of death metal, founders of the genre, and destroyers of ear drums, Death, are back. Well, sort of, as the band’s critically acclaimed fourth album, Human, is to be reissued on both CD and vinyl as a limited run. [...]

March 3, 2017 Golden Oldies

Golden Oldie: Antidemon – Demonocídio

Note: this album is notoriously hard to get a hold of. I can’t quite remember how I got my copy of the album, but I’ve had it for a very long time… You’d be forgiven for not having the foggiest [...]

October 22, 2016 Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies: Megadeth – Rust in Peace

[Note – I’ve actually done this album before, but with the passing of Nick Menza I’ve listened to it a lot again recently and fancied doing another take on my original article from two years ago] The idea to re-cover [...]

June 19, 2016 Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies: Paradise Lost – Shades of God

Rewind to 1992 and I was at university, where I was bathed in more metal than I had been up until that point in my life. With meeting new people from around the country as I settled in Bradford (for [...]

June 7, 2016 Golden Oldies

Lawnmower Deth – full set from Nottingham Rock City 1988!

Ian Corcoran has uploaded the following to YouTube – Lawnmower Deth’s full set from their support slot with Sabbat, dating all the way back to 11th April 1988. It’s so old, frontman Pete has hair. Ian has no idea who [...]

June 5, 2016 Golden Oldies, Videos

Golden Oldie: Sodom – Get What You Deserve

 It might not be that apparent, if at all, on the Moshville website but for those who know me it’s no secret that I am a Sodomaniac. Nope, I’m not particularly a fan of insane buggery (well, maybe not the [...]

February 16, 2015 Golden Oldies