Friday, May 25, 2018
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Band of the Day: Godstone

Unsigned Cornwall based band Godstone have just recently self released their debut EP Monument of One and it has been receiving positive reviews from zines as well as the over 200 plus crowd that attended their release show, so they must [...]

April 16, 2018 Band of the Day

Album Review: Autokrator – Hammer of the Heretic

In recent months, I have covered a large number of French extreme metal bands that should be grabbing your attention, namely Mercyless, Defenestration, Savage Annihilation and Epitaphe. Therefore, when a list of albums for review came up, I knew I [...]

April 11, 2018 Album Reviews

Interview: Matt Moliti of Sentient Horror

Sentient Horror are one of those bands that I have had the privilege to know from the beginning and I have been keeping a watchful eye on their progress since reviewing their debut album Ungodly Forms in 2016. This was an [...]

April 10, 2018 Interviews

Interview: Rachael Harrison of Enso Music Management

I have recently wanted to expand my knowledge of the music business and interview bands, labels and promoters for their own opinion on how things have changed within the music business. One of the final pieces of the jigsaw was [...]

April 9, 2018 Interviews

EP Review: Cist – The Frozen Casket

Cist were a band that I hand picked from a list of about sixty albums that were distributed to our reviewers. One of the things that I do is check out the band on YouTube if I had not heard [...]

April 2, 2018 Album Reviews

Album Review: The Grotesquery – The Lupine Anathema

I remember purchasing the debut album Tales of the Coffin Born back in 2010 for two main reasons, namely Kam Lee and Rogga Johansson. I was interested to see how the Floridian and Swedish death metal scenes could be merged [...]

April 1, 2018 Album Reviews