Thursday, April 19, 2018
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Band of the Day: Citadels

Attacking their instruments with down-tuned, melancholic anger are Citadels, today’s Band of the Day. The Manchurian metalcore quartet do not give a fuck about backing down or appealing to commercialisation, instead choosing to throw everything they can in to their [...]

April 8, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Rosen

How do you fancy listening to a harsh social commentary all wrapped up in a groovy, nu-metal style rock track? No? Too bad, sometimes you have to face the things that scare you, a fact that Rosen understand all too [...]

March 23, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: OCEANDVST

I’ll level with you here; I was never a fan of pop punk when growing up. The likes of MCR and Blink-182 confused and bewildered me, as I simply could not understand the appeal. “Where are the screamed vocals?”, I [...]

March 22, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Nitish Pires

What if Bruce Dickinson and Amon Amarth had a baby? First of all, that would be a sex tape that no one would ever want to see, and secondly, you’d end up with the music of the brilliantly bizarre Nitish [...]

March 16, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Sick Joy

Dust off your flannel shirts, Sick Joy are here, and they’re bringing the grunge with them. The up-and-coming rock outfit are on the cusp of releasing their new EP, Amateurs, a collection of angsty, hard-hitting, and ludicrously catchy ’90s-esque rock tracks. [...]

March 15, 2018 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Ward XVI

Heavy metal and theatrics have a history going back as far as the dawn of the genre. From the corpse paint of black metal, to the costumes which Slipknot wear, to the classic ‘bat’s head’ incident with Ozzy, it doesn’t [...]

February 27, 2018 Band of the Day