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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Sixx:A.M. – Vol 2. Prayers for The Blessed

Sixx:A.M. announce their fifth studio album, Vol 2 Prayers for the Blessed, out November 18th via Eleven Seven Music. Vol 2 was recorded and written the same time as Prayers for the Damned, which was released earlier in the year. The band [...]

November 18, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: Gabriel and the Apocalypse – The Ghost Parade

Hailing from Prince’s birthplace of Minneapolis, comes a unique blend of genres that quenches the thirst. They go by the name of Gabriel and the Apocalypse, the brainchild of vocalist Lindy Gabriel. They already have two releases backed by numerous national [...]

November 3, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: Ice Nine Kills – Every Trick In The Book

Ever had one of those moments when you’re not expecting what comes out of your headphones or speakers? No? ok, then it’s just me. This just completely threw me. some people don’t like change or new things; some still listen [...]

October 26, 2016 Album Reviews

Review: Korn – The Serenity of Suffering

In 1993 music changed. A new sound appeared on the scene. One that changed it for me. A moment Nu metal came to the forefront. A live gig at London Astoria in 1995 or 1996 happened. Performing live was a [...]

October 19, 2016 Album Reviews

12th Annual London Tattoo Convention

What did you lot get up to on the weekend of the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September at Tobacco docks in East London? No, it’s not a Crimewatch appeal, it’s the location of the 12th annual London Tattoo convention. [...]

October 4, 2016 Gig Reviews

Review: BloodYard – Darker Rage EP

In Lancaster, North East England a group of musicians joined forces to become a dark rage of British metal. They call themselves BloodYard. Due to their live performances a fan base around the UK has grown. Being on the Hobgoblin [...]

October 1, 2016 Album Reviews